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Description of Desktop Notifications

This app allows you to receive
. Instead of checking notifications directly on your phone, you can check them on your desktop while surfing the web. And starting with version 2.0 you can also see your notifications on other Android devices, for example
In order to use the app you also need to install the companion browser extension:
Start mirroring your notifications today :)

We developed the app as a part of a research project at the
. The app uses a secure communication channel to transfer the notifications. We collect anonymous data to analyze the user interaction with notifications. The content of notifications or information about you is NOT stored in any way. We make sure that your privacy and anonymity are preserved. The collected data is ONLY used for research purposes. It is assured that there will be no attempt to misuse the data or identify any user. By downloading and using this app you support and contribute in our research. We thank in advance for your understanding and support.
Based on the collected data we published a scientific paper that was presented in the CHI 2014 conference ( [PDF]).

We are very happy if you have feedback for us and/or report problems. But responding to comments in Google Play is very limited, so please send us a mail to instead or post in our Google+ Commmunity ( Thank you!
This app uses Accessibility services. The accessibility service is only used to access notifications on devices running Android 2.3 - 4.2. It allows users with disabilities to access Android notifications on other devices, for example when operating a smartphone touchscreen is not possible.

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